Thursday, January 15, 2009

Openings For Friday, Jan. 16th

Alright all of my frozen toed colleagues. It’s that time, once again, that we sally fourth to meet our destiny, a destiny of crowded rooms, barely visible works of art, and of course, cheap wine flowing fourth like the proverbial fountain of youth. But first, I need some help.

I need a dirt floor basement, a warehouse floor, an un/ill-used garage, something, and I need it for about a month. I need to salt some skins. Worry not, my potential loaner-o-space, it won’t smell or get nasty. I’ve already done it in another friend’s basement, the only reason I’m moving my project is that I need more space. This is prep for my thesis, so I’d really appreciate some help with this. So, that’s that.

Well, for this literal hell-frozen-over of a Friday, there’s a lot of stuff going on, but it’s spread all over the place. West Loop’s got 4 things, including that Tony Wright opening I somehow thought was last week. Roots and Culture is rocking out, as it the whole Bridgeport crew. And, if your looking for something PETAtastic, there’s the aptly named “Porkopolis” up at Loyola. Don’t ask me.

My hunk of man love, Jeriah, and I are starting to do morning after reviews of our gallery crawls. We did the first one last week, check ‘em out if ya need a double dose of the smarm.

That is all. Go fourth and multiply, and by multiply I mean go look at art. Be brave, and remember the 30-30-30 Rule. Exposed flesh in -30F air with a 30 MPH wind will freeze solid in 30 seconds. That’s totally long enough to get from one gallery to another.

33 Collective - 1029 W. 35th. Calmness, Work by Sergio Gomez. Reception Fri 1/16, 7-10 PM. 1/16-2/13.

Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219-21 South Morgan Street. Young Polish Artists (YPA), A group show of work by Young Polish Americans. January 16 - February 17, 2009. Opening reception: Friday January 16, 6-9 pm. After show performances by: J+J+J, Rabid Rabbit, Aleks and the Drummer (DJ Set) @ 9pm $5 admission.

Zhou B Art Center - 1029 W. 35th. Center Line 2009, Selected works from Art Center exhibitions spanning the last five years. Reception Fri 1/16, 6-10 PM. 1/16-3/14.

360See - 1924 N. Damen. Pay-to-Play, Paintings by Chris Crites addressing corruption in Illinois politics & Unconventional Collage Show, Work by Virginia Fleck, Adam Grossi, and Alejandro Chavetta. Reception Fri 1/16, 6-9 PM. 1/16-3/1.

Loyola Univ. Crown Center Gallery - 1001 W. Loyola, 2nd fl. Porkopolis: Animals and Industry, "Scathing social commentary on the meat industry" by Sue Coe. Reception Fri 1/16, 5:30-7:30 PM. 1/2-2/20.

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store and Gallery - 1953 W. Chicago Ave. McBess, Netherland (aka David van Alphen), Overdrive. Opening: January 16th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

Elastic - 2830 N. Milwaukee, second floor. Visual Music, Graphic scores by musician Guillermo Gregorio. Reception Fri 1/16, 7 PM. 12/18-1/31.

Roots and Culture - 1034 N. Milwaukee. Suspend, Paintings by Michele Bolinger, Clare Grill, Stacie Johnson, Aliza Morell, and Kimberly Trowbridge. Reception Fri 1/16, 6-9 PM. 1/16-2/14.

Thomas Masters - 245 W. North. Stasys Eidrigevicius, Photography. Reception Fri 1/16, 5-8 PM. 1/16-2/28.

Gallery KH - 311 W. Superior. From Russia With Love, Paintings by Roman Zaslonov. Reception Fri 1/16, 6-8 PM. 1/16-3/7.

Roy Boyd - 739 N. Wells. William Conger, Paintings. Reception Fri 1/16, 5-8 PM. 1/16-3/3.

Russell Bowman - 311 W. Superior #115. Geometry as Image, Group show of works on paper. Reception Fri 1/16, 5:30-8 PM. 1/16-3/21.

Intuit - 756 N. Milwaukee. The Picture Tells the Story, Drawings by Joseph E. Yoakum documenting landscapes and his travels with the circus & Sticks, Work by "artists who have picked up a stick and made it their own," including Bessie Harvey, Emergy Blagdon, and Wayne Kusy. Reception Fri 1/16, 5-8 PM; curator's talk Sat 1/17, 11 AM. 1/16-6/27.

65Grand - 1378 W. Grand (entrance on Noble). Beautiful Form, Work exploring geometric abstraction by Zachary Buchner, Todd Chilton, Titus Dawson Polo, Steven Husby, and Peter Shear. Reception Fri 1/16, 7-10 PM. 1/16-2/14.

Rhona Hoffman - 118 N. Peoria. New Works Under Tension, Work by E. V. Day & Tough and Sweet, Work by Stephanie Brooks. Reception Fri 1/16, 5-7:30 PM. 1/16-2/28.

Tony Wight - 119 N. Peoria. For January, Abstract paintings by Todd Chilton & Heads, Large-scale cardboard busts by Scott Fife. Reception Fri 1/16, 5-8 PM. 1/16-2/21.

Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture - 6500 S. Pulaski. Exemption From Occupation, Photo-based work by Keith Stanton that "explores the post-modern idea of material wealth." Reception Fri 1/16, 7 PM. 1/16-2/20.

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