Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes From The Morning After #2

So, instead of curling up like a cat alongside my radiator like I wanted to, Jeriah and I hauled our asses out into the freezing doom, and went to art. First place we headed for was good ‘ole Roots and Culture. Thanks to a recommendation from my buddy Alex Jovanovich, I have tried to make it to every show this place has. There is always a huge crew there, you’re bound to see quite a few people you know. They show a crazy variety of work, and as often as you’re likely to see someone you know there, you’re as likely to see their work there. I’d suggest ya don’t miss it in the future. Right now there showing Suspend, abstract paintings by Michele Bolinger, Clare Grill, Stacie Johnson, Aliza Morell and Kimberly Trowbridge.

I met up there with my buddies Shannon and Jerimiah, and we headed down south to Bridgeport. We were looking for Normal Projects but ended up first at Zhou B. I’d never been there before, big place. Big place, with belly dancers. Jeriah and I both agreed the best thing there was a giant vulture/transformer/wraith thing made out of motorcycle parts. Once we realized Zhou B was, in fact, Zhou B, and not Normal Projects, we headed back out in the cold to find the elusive Normal Projects.

This being the first foray I’ve made down to Bridgeport, it was also my first visit to Normal Projects. I have to love this place, and all places like it. If you haven’t been there before, get your ass down there next time Emily Schroeder (the “director” I supposed you’d say) is having a show. Got to drink more Grolsch and watch a bunch of video pieces including work by Greg Stimac and my buddy Jesse Avina, among others. Good times.

Finally, we headed over to ze’ Co-Prosperity Sphere. This place, much like Heaven, Swimming Pool, and Happy Dog, is the ideal capstone for an evening of arting aboot. They’re open late and have rocking music. Just make sure ya bring cash for beer, they ain’t giving the stuff away. Right now they’re having a group show of Young Polish Artists.

After that it was time for home, time for warm, time for sleep, oh sleep. It was a good night. Where you out there? Ya should’ve been.

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