Thursday, August 19, 2010

Opening This Weekend! (8/20-8/21)

Friday 8/20
33 Collective Gallery - 1029 W. 35th St. Caras de Mexico, work by Joe Compean. Reception 7-10pm. 8/20-9/12.

4Art Gallery - 1029 W. 35th St., #403. Group Show, work by Robin Monique Rios, Melissa Kolbusz, Nicholas Depeder, Tom Wilson, Derail Howery, George Lindmark, Sonia Katz, Janae Kernes, Tom Keefer, and Maya Kalabic. Reception 7-10pm. 8/20-9/4.

Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S Morgan St. Corazón Grafico/Corazón Urbano, work by Gabriel Villa. Reception 7-11pm. 8/20-9/3.

Eastern Expansion - 244 W 31st St. Squaring the Circle, work by Corinne D’Agustino and Thomas I’Anson. Reception 6-10pm. 8/20-9/10.

New Life - 1110 W. Lill. The Art of Zamran, work by Jon Anderson, Steven Kelso & Juan Carlos Baez. Reception 6:30pm.

Kunz,Vis,Gonzalez - 2324 W Montana St., Garage. INDESTRUCTIBLE YOUTH, work by Brad Hoffman, Dan Jarvis, Elena Ballara, Peter Clodfelter, Scott Frigo, Racer LeVan, Emre Kocagil, Austin Eddy, Brandon Coley Cox, Nicholas Steindorf, Devin K. Kenny, Eli Samuels and Jacob Bergman. Reception 6-10pm.

Zrobili - 2649 ½ N Spaulding Ave, 2N. Wall Flowers, work by Lauren Gregory and Carly Silverman. Reception 6-9pm.

Harold Washington College President's Gallery - 30 E. Lake St., room 1105. Center of Multiple Middles. Reception 4:30-6:30pm. 8/20-9/24.

Golden Age - 119 N Peoria St, 2D. Sameness Book Release Party, work by Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel. Reception 6-9pm.

Saturday 8/21
Swimming Pool Project Space - 2858 W. Montrose Ave. Love Letters to Antarctica, work by Lorien Jordan and Annie Heckman. Reception 7-10pm. 8/21-9/12.

Monument 2 Gallery - 2007 N. Point St. Practice Makes Purpose, work by Justin Thomas Schaefer. Reception 6-10pm. 8/21-8/29.

Gallery Provocateur - 2125 N. Rockwell St. Imaginaire, work by Christopher Shy, Cassie Phillips, Yvonne Mecialis, and more. Reception 8pm-12am. Cost: $1. Wear something weird.

Old Gold - 3102 W Palmer Blvd. Yard Salad auction, the final Old Gold event. Auction 11a,-5pm.

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