Friday, November 27, 2009

Opening Today

I was about to write Opening This Weekend" when I remembered, oh yeah, NOTHING is opening this weekend. There is barely anything opening today, alone. I guess I can see the point. Everyone (but me and all the people I was eating and drinking with last night) is out of town, maybe, right? Or everyone is still in a food coma (the more likely reason). Well, reguardless, there are three openings tonight, two on the south side, and one, basically, downtown. So if you're heading down, pop on in.

Bronzeville -
Gallery Guichard - 3521 S. King Drive. Black Friday Opening Reception. Reception 12pm-8pm.

Hyde Park -
The Opportunity Shop - 1613 E. 55th. Inaugural exhibition including the work of Anders Nilsen, Katrin Asbury, Rachel Tredon, and Albert Stabler, among others. 11/27-12/31. Reception 6-10.

Streeterville -
Museum of Contemporary Art - 220 East Chicago Ave. The one hundred and sixty-third floor: Liam Gillick Curates the Collection. 11/27-01/10.

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