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Openings for Friday, January 9th, 2009 (Or HOLY CRAP, they finally realized it's 2009)

Hello all. As you can see, this is a blog. This is how I will be disseminating information from now on. Worry not my loyal gallery crawlers, I will continue to email ya'll; now it will just be to let ya know the ole' bloggernaut's been updated. Fun for everyone in the family!

As for tomorrow, there's a load of stuff opening. The West Loop, my personal favorite of the neighborhoods, has at least 11 openings (1 Grolsch...2 Grolsch...3 Grolsch...4...). River North, as is to be expected, it bursting at the seams, but...well...Edelman looks interesting. Pilsen's open for business, hopefully 2009 means new stuff. Don't get me wrong, a lot of galleries down there have new stuff every month or so (Rooms, Art Department, etc.), but man, some stuff been there for MONTHS. Chicago Gallery News plastered them on the cover of the most recent edition, nothing like publication to light a fire under some asses. Up in Wicker Park we've got a comrade, Jason Lazarus, working with a bunch of people at Heaven Gallery. People you know, go see them. Really. Morpho, up in my neck of the woods, has the "Third Annual Emerging Artists Exhibit." Are you in it? Good for you. Do you know someone in it? Yes? Good, go. No? Well, go any way and check out your competition. I know nothing about this event, but it seems worth a look.

Well, that all for my drivel. I'm going to start at 119 N. Peoria around 6pm, so if ya want to cruse about with me, be there aboot then. Here you go:

Openings for Friday, January 9th, 2009:

Avram Eisen - 5202 N. Damen. Two Dreams, work by Danny Vu and Richard Lapidus. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-9 PM. 1/9-1/31.

Morpho - 5216 N. Damen. Third Annual Emerging Artists Exhibit, work by more than 30 local emerging artists. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-10 PM. 1/9-2/5.

Debonair Social Club - 1575 N Milwaukee Ave. A Night of Sight & Sound, this socially conscious art-and-music extravaganza benefits Girls Rock Chicago. Local artists Jesse Seay, Danielle Colbeck, Laura Pawson and Sarah Lensink display new work as Shot of Therapy, The Mojdeh Project and Agents of Change perform. DJs provide music from 11pm–2am.

Northwestern Univ. Dittmar Gallery - 1999 Campus Dr. Silent Longing, installation by Petra Kralickova. Reception Thu 1/8, 7-9 PM. 1/8-2/8.

The Art Center - 1957 Sheridan Rd. INSIDE OUT/OUTSIDE IN, this exhibition features the work of artists with disabilities and allies who consider the complexity of self-representation and the representation of others. January 9, 2009 - January 30, 2009 Opening: January 9, 2009, 6:30-9:00pm.

Old Gold - 2022 N. Humboldt, basement. Tank Traps and Hijackings, Installation of sculpture and prints by Kendrick Shackleford. Reception Fri 1/9, 7-10 PM. 1/9-2/8.

Finestra - 410 S. Michigan #516. Investigating the Ambiguity of Form, installation by Richard Shipps. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-9 PM. 1/3-1/30.

4Art - 1932 S. Halsted #100. Phase VII, group show. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-10 PM. 1/9-2/3.

Antena - 1765 S. Laflin #1R. Sebastian Alvarez, "Words Feel Beneath," an installation. Also: work by Huong Ngo and Patrick Holbrook. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-10 PM. 1/9-2/7.

Chicago Arts District - 1945 S. Halsted, Ste. 101. 2nd FRIDAYS Gallery Night; Reception 6-10pm

Logsdon - 1909 S. Halsted. Tertiary White, paintings and drawings by Marco Logsdon. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-10 PM. 1/9-2/7.

Vespine - 1907 S. Halsted. Sanctum Boxes, work by Charles Heppner. Reception Fri 1/9, 7-10 PM. 1/2-1/31.

DANKHAUS: German Cultural Center - 4740 North Western Avenue. Christina Aguila, Michele Carlon, Lisa Rivas, Jeanette Jancius Durand, Kathleen Rindal Brooks: Beauty in the Simple & Trinidad Ball, Sally Swingewood, Suzanne Woolcott, David Pott, Maureen Grayson: EU Patchwork. Opening 6-9pm.

Addington Gallery - 704 N. Wells. Patrick McGannon: New work in front gallery; Thomas Monaghan exhibition in main gallery.

Ann Nathan - 212 W. Superior. Worth a Detour, Portraits by Mary Borgman, Amy Hill, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, and Joe Nicastri. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/14.

ARC - 832 W. Superior #204. Money, Money, Money, group show juried by Mary Jane Jacob & N.A.F.T.A. (Not a Fair Trade for All), Getting the Correct Picture, documentary photos and video by Fred Lonidier focusing on class struggle and the labor movement. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-9 PM. 1/7-1/31.

Architech - 730 N. Franklin. Future Perfect: Mid-Century Modern Design Drawings, designs by Henry P. Glass, Bertrand Goldberg, and Ron Martelet. Jan. 9-March 28

Byron Roche Gallery - 750 N. Franklin. Contemporary paintings with an emphasis on process and materials. Opening reception January 9 from 5-8pm.

Catherine Edelman - 300 W. Superior. It's Complicated: The American Teenager, photos by Robin Bowman. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-3/7.

David Weinberg - 300 W. Superior #203. Overlap, paintings and drawings by Stephanie Serpick, Tricia Rumbolz, and Beverly Kedzior. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/21.

Gruen Galleries - 226 W. Superior. Gallery 1: Tamar Kander: Abstracts; Gallery 2: Raymond Eddy: New Paintings; Gallery 3: African Art

Habatat Galleries Chicago - 222 W. Superior. LET'S FACE IT: Featuring Pearl Dick - blown, hot sculpted glass, steel; Katja Fritzsche - blown glass; Martin Janecky - blown, hot sculpted glass, steel; Mira Maylor - cast glass, lead.

I Space - 230 W. Superior, 2nd fl. Dimension and Typography: A Survey of Letterforms in Space and Time, group show featuring prints, sculpture, video, and installation. Reception Fri 1/9, 5:30-7:30 PM.

Jean Albano - 215 W. Superior. From Soup to Nuts: Art for All Tastes, group show. Reception Fri 1/9, 5:30-7:30 PM. 1/9-2/28.

Melanee Cooper - 740 N. Franklin. Calling Time, abstract oils on canvas by Jill Sutton & Mutualism, paintings by Matthew Dennison. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-1/31.

Nicole - 230 W. Huron. Global Influence, work by Akinola Ebenezer and Candace Hunter. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-3/14.

Perimeter - 210 W. Superior. Dunes, work by Philip Livingston & Yutaka Yoshinaga. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/7.

Printworks - 311 W. Superior #105. Meditations on Kafka and Rilke, work by Vera Klement. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-7:30 PM. 1/9-2/14.

Schneider - 230 W. Superior. Jorge Martin and Pablo Soria. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-7:30 PM. 1/9-2/28.

Stephen Daiter - 311 W. Superior #408. The Transparent City, photos by Michael Wolf of "the density and magnitude of Chicago's skyline." Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/28.

Black Walnut - 220 N. Aberdeen. Incipio, work by local artists Erika Bjornson, Aristeo Jaure, George Quintero, and Maria Gedroc. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-9 PM. 1/1-1/31.

EC Gallery - 215 N. Aberdeen. Works on paper by Agata Czeremuszkin.

Flatfile - 217 N. Carpenter. French Kiss & Karma, work by contemporary French and Indian artists; the artists will also be showing their work concurrently at ThinkArt. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-9 PM. 1/9-2/13.

Kasia Kay - 1044 W. Fulton Mkt. No Substantial Advantage to Mankind, drawings by Jason Dunda. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-9 PM. 1/9-2/7.

Linda Warren - 1052 W. Fulton Mkt. Alpestrine, large-scale drawings by Michael K. Paxton of aerial views of mountains and islands & Judith Mullen, paintings and sculptures & Spring Is the New Winter, paintings, installation, sculpture, and animation by Diane Christiansen. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-9 PM. 1/9-2/7.

Packer Schopf - 942 W. Lake. The Devil's Dream, paintings and pencil drawings by Amy Talluto & Roost, Sculptures of flying foxes by Deborah Simon. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/14.

Prism Contemporary Glass - 1048 W. Fulton Mkt. Susan Longini, glass leaf sculpture made using a pate de verre technique. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-1/31.

Thomas Robertello - 939 W. Randolph. The Unreasoning Mask: New Revelations in Figurative Metaphysics, small-scale paintings and sculpture by Jason Robert Bell. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/21.

Threewalls - 119 N. Peoria. Re: Production, installation, drawings, and animation by Christa Donner in collaboration with Andrew Yang. Reception Fri 1/9, 6-9 PM. 1/9-2/13.

Tony Wight Gallery - 119 N. Peoria, #2C. Todd Chilton;
Scott Fife.

Western Exhibitions - 119 N. Peoria, suite 2A. The Day of the Corrupt, work by Pedro Velez. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-8 PM. 1/9-2/14.

Corbett vs. Dempsey - 1120 N. Ashland, 3rd fl. Ronald Ahlstrom, abstract collages & Morris Barazani, paintings from 1972 to the present. Reception Fri 1/9, 5-9 PM. 1/9-2/14.

Heaven Gallery - 1550 N Milwaukee Ave. Try Harder, The nonprofit Harold Arts challenged four artists—Jason Lazarus, Brian McNearney, David MorĂ© and Montgomery Perry Smith—to spend a week at Heaven Gallery creating these works, which respond to previous participants' contributions. French beatboxer Aymeric Hainaux, and Chicagoans Lark and Mikal Boyd perform as the results are unveiled.

ThinkArt - 1530 N. Paulina, suite F. French Kiss & Karma, work by contemporary French and Indian artists; the artists will also be showing their work concurrently at Flatfile.

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