Friday, January 23, 2009

Openings for Friday, January 23rd (or "Fuck Ya'll, I'm From Texas!")

On this cold January evening, I feel I must quote the tattooed ass of my dear friend Katie Texas, “Fuck Ya’ll, I’m from Texas.” Now, this is not actually true of me, I am not from Texas (I am from Nevada City, thank you, and no, it isn’t in Nevada). The reason I choose to say as much is because my freezing cold ass is going to be in Texas tomorrow, Austin to be exact. But that is no reason for you, my friends, to fall off the wagon. Ya’ll are back from your winter adventures. Time to re-insert yourself into Chicago art. There isn’t much I can give you, but there are a few things. As I assume most of you would know, Sullivan Galleries is fairly bleeding from it’s sutures with shows (only second to Woman Made). For you photo kids, the Sharp First Floor Crew has put together a show, titled “Ship in a Bottle.” Unfortunately I believe this show will disappoint me by not actually consisting of work created entirely through the use of tweezers inserted into impossibly small spaces. I guess that’s just how it works, ya never get tweezers when ya want tweezers. Hmmm…well, thank all of you who replied to my request for skin salting space. Art, meat, art, what’s the difference? Well, what can I say, get your ass out there and look at art. If nothing else it gets you out of the house. Unfortunatly, I cannot access my geographic listing, so, ya’ll’s gonna have to figure out these neighborhoods ya’self. C’mon, you can use a map, right? Kisses ‘n shit.

Openings for Friday, January 23rd:

Carrie Secrist - 835 W. Washington. David Lefkowitz, Paintings of "unlikely topiary structures." Opening 5-8 pm.

Instituto Cervantes - 31 W. Ohio. Jose Manuel Ciria, paintings. Opening 6:30.

Leather Archives and Museum - 6418 N. Greenview. Beauties Service, Watercolors by Kate Tastrophe depicting "women who have taken complete and utter control over their own external sexuality." Opening 6-9 pm.

National Museum of Mexican Art - 1852 W. 19th. Miradas: Mexican Art From the Bank of America Collection, Paintings, prints, and photos by artists including Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Gabriel Orozco, Edward Weston, and Paul Strand. Opening 6-8:30pm.

Sullivan Galleries – State Street, in that entrance that looks like it’s there for maintenance purposes. "New Work" - Current students reveal their latest work, group show & "Ship in a Bottle" - Poised between the possible and the impossible, and with an emphasis on visual pleasure, the work in this exhibition is concerned with the elevation of experience through process, material, and subject matter, group show & Redress, work by Carla Dua, Lia Rousset, and Amber Ginsberg. Opening 4:30 – 7 pm.

Woman Made Gallery
- 685 N. Milwaukee. After the Soup, paintings by Kathy Weaver & And You Think That's Funny?, Group show of work "addressed in a humorous way," juried by cartoonist Nicole Hollander & It's Enough to Make a Cat Laugh, work by Nicole Hollander & Whimsicality, group show. Opening 6-9.

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