Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the beginning, there was drunkenness in the streets...

Well, hello ya'll out there in TV land!

Your fearless gallery crawler here, letting you know that you can now receive endless diatribes, reviews, pontifications, and drunken rants about not only the Chicago gallery scene, but my own little sphere of life. Worry not, my friends, you will not hear drab waxingings over the antics of my pet parakeet Bobo (who does not actually exist), nor with you be endlessly berated by play-by-play accounts of my frustration with the internet. No no, my dearest collegues, you will only recieve the finest in cronological and geographic listings of Chicago art openings, alongside my (sometimes) eloquent and (sometimes) shit-canned reviews of said openings, with the occasional pepperings of my own "special" viewpoints on the world at large (I'm talking about things like the 2/3 Club, for those of you who know what I'm saying. Don't bother Googling it, ya just have to talk to me.) My next posting will likely be a combination of Gallery Crawl Listings and a discussion of my incredibly awesome home-made Christmas tree. On the edge of your seats, my friends, ON THE EDGE.

Love and shit,


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